September 2004

That Font Looks Nasty!

September 22, 2004

Quartz technology on OS X and ClearType on Window XP — the answer to all our pixely type woes. For ages now I've been telling people that their XP machine can display fonts so well that we can now use CSS to style headers and nix the whole header image routine. (I even wrote an [...]

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Run Fox Run – Firefox Releases the Preview

September 14, 2004

For those of you living under a rock lately, Firefox is becoming one sexy little browser. Even Forbes has mentioned it saying “Microsoft should be worried.” I've been through most of the Mac flavored web browsers — beginning with Internet Explorer, then to Safari, to Opera, to Camino, to Firebird and finally I've settled on [...]

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Cmd/Z and Life

September 13, 2004

Obsessive. Wrapped up in work. Devoid of real friendships. Just some of the names I’ve been called since starting in this business a few years ago. I really do try to have activities outside of the web. And all of them are in the schedule so that they pop up in front of my face [...]

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Mediterranean Cooking…

September 11, 2004

OK. I admit it. I really don't leave the computer often enough to cook really healthy meals. But I do love Mediterranean and Italian food. Today, while reading some news articles, I somehow linked to an article at a site called After reading it, I noticed the left column had your typical newspaper style [...]

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Colors and Color Blindness

September 8, 2004

Are you sometimes at a loss when trying to come up with colors to go with a client's logo. Here's a fun color tool. Color Scheme Generator will help you choose everything from a monochromatic scheme to a triadic, analgous, or complementary. Be sure to click around on the “degrees” of the circle — you're [...]

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Netflix + TiVo + Internet = Couch Potato Heaven

September 7, 2004

The rumors are getting stronger. It appears some kind of deal has been struck between Netflix and TiVo to bring movies directly into your home via the internet. Whether it will happen through cable or DSL remains to be seen. But this should keep Blockbuster, Walmart and the rest of the Netflix copycats on their [...]

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Radio Paradise

September 6, 2004

Maybe some of you work like I do — at a computer all day, building web sites and talking to the little people inside your computer, but you enjoy a bit of background noise. Some tunes. I really love iTunes. We have it on both the Macs and PCs here and we can share playlists [...]

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You Control

September 3, 2004

Well, could be I'm the last to know, but I found a really cool program this week for my Mac. It has a handy Pasteboard feature that is useful for me when coding. I'm running it in trial mode, but I've already planned to purchase after only two days of trying it out. It's called [...]

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