February 2006

Macintosh Auto Sleep Update and Poll

February 20, 2006

Due to all the "me too" posts on my original blog post about my Mac's terrible case of narcolepsy, I wanted to see if we could compare some things here (and not lose this in the comments of the previous post). I think I've ruled out anything to do with my power cord (or lack [...]

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Paul Dell vs Dell Computers

February 16, 2006

This is another one of those David and Goliath stories that always aggravate me. Another case of the big giant shoving around the little guy who has a smaller sword and shield in the hopes he'll just give up. For those that aren't familiar, this story is about Paul Dell who lives in Spain. He's [...]

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Fireworks Lives to See Another Cycle!

February 7, 2006

If you love Fireworks for web design as much as I do, you've probably been watching for the slightest clue as to the life, or death, of it since the acquisition of Macromedia. In the past week, I've seen two extremely positive signs — I'll share in case you missed them. The first came in [...]

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