November 2004

Shell Scripts, CF and those Pesky Macintosh Line Breaks

November 30, 2004

OK, so it took me a bit longer than Sheri German to get everything set up right, but I finally have JRun and ColdFusion running on my OS X Panther install! I have been wanting to do this for about a year. But all the stories I read online seemed to make it sound like [...]

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You Go Google…

November 22, 2004

Let's say your company or client has decided to allot advertising dollars to banner advertising and/or paid placement. You sign up with Google for the Adsense program and find yourself with quite a bill but very little useful traffic. Perhaps you're not advertising poorly — you may be a victim of click fraud. According to [...]

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MAX 2004 Keynotes Online

November 17, 2004

Macromedia has posted video of the keynote sessions from MAX. The sessions were interesting and if you have some time, this is well worth seeing. On Day One, Kevin Lynch talked about the Evolution of Flash. There was info on Blackstone and the new Maelstrom player which rocks! Check it out at Macromedia MAX.

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My Big Fat MAX Update

November 9, 2004

Macromedia MAX — now there's an interesting event! I spent four days in geek bliss. I knew it was destined the moment I landed in the New Orleans airport. Even landing from a midnight flight, I could sense them. I glanced around while waiting for the van to transport us to our hotels. I knew [...]

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