December 2005

Death of an Icon – Internet Explorer Macintosh

December 28, 2005

You've probably read it by now. Internet Explorer for Macintosh is now officially dead — or will be in three days. There will be no further security or performance updates from Microsoft. I realize with the inattention it's received over the past few years, it's a welcome development for most of us. But in its [...]

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Does Buying More Time on Your Domain Affect Search Engine Ranking?

December 15, 2005

Recently, a long-time client of mine was purchasing more time for two of his four domain names. Since he didn't want to deal with it again for a while, he increased all his domains to 2008 or more. As he was waiting on the phone for the credit card to process, the person assisting him [...]

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The Fat Lady Hit Her Final Note <br />(or, we loved you macromedia, good bye…)

December 5, 2005

Most of you likely heard the news about the close of the Macromedia acquisition over the weekend. And this morning there's a new site in place of the old Macromedia site. Honestly, it gave me an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach this morning. The lists I frequent are abuzz with concerns, excitment [...]

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