Run Fox Run – Firefox Releases the Preview

by Stephanie Rewis on September 14, 2004

For those of you living under a rock lately, Firefox

is becoming one sexy little browser. Even Forbes has mentioned it
saying “Microsoft should be worried.” I've been through most of the Mac
flavored web browsers — beginning with Internet Explorer, then to
Safari, to Opera, to Camino, to Firebird and finally I've settled on
Firefox. I love it. It's quick, blocks pop ups, gives me tabbed
browsing, and best of all, the extensions rock!

My favorites are the Web Developer's Toolbar and Sage. The Web Developer's Toolbar

(by Chris Pederick) gives me the ability to view a tremendous amount of
information about a page, outline the table cells, edit the CSS, turn
off images or JavaScript. I'm not sure how I worked on my sites before
I had it. Sage
(by Peter Andrews) is a cool RSS feed reader that extends FFox. I only
found it recently, through my friend Andrew Jeffery, and I've really
enjoyed having the headlines at my fingertips.

But now, enter the Preview Release of Firefox. It appears from their
site that perhaps they've married the Sage functionality into the
browser itself. I'm downloading now, so I'll soon know. But the site
says, “Live Bookmarks is a new technology in Firefox that lets you view
RSS news and blog headlines in the bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks menu.
With one glance, quickly see the latest headlines from your favorite
sites. Go directly to the articles that interest you — saving you
time.” Sounds pretty close to Sage functionality to me.

Get Firefox!Click that cute icon if you'd like to download the Preview Release. If
you're already a Firefox convert, or you become one on this round, help spread the
news. Maybe we can even slow down calls from clients about their
computer problems if we can get them all hooked on a more secure
browser. And check out their new site Spread Firefox where you can get your own cute little icons!

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