October 2005

Is the Fat Lady Singing — Macromedia/Adobe Merger

October 14, 2005

MarketWatch is reporting that the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe has won US Antitrust clearance. It appears if things continue as planned, Macromedia will no longer “be”, as we know it, by the fall. The article goes on to show Adobe in “a graphics light” and Macromedia in “a web light.” Of course, this is [...]

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Upcoming Events and Appearances

October 12, 2005

There are several upcoming events in the next week that those of you in the Los Angeles area should be aware of. On Saturday, October 15th is a day of events at the LA Flash Factory (Venice, CA) which includes: MiniMAX3 – 4p-6p, put on by the New Orleans User GroupSpeakers include: Adam Bell, R [...]

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Google Adwords — contacting clients directly — hmmmm

October 4, 2005

I found this to be rather odd. I have a realtor client that is finally, after I advised it over two years ago, ready to try using Google Adwords. My recommendation would have put him ahead of his competitors instead of playing catch up — but better late than never — I guess. Strangely, the [...]

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