April 2006

Dealing With The Looming Internet Explorer 7 Release

April 25, 2006

Dave Shea makes some good points in his post at Vitamin about the upcoming IE7 release and browser hacks. I started to weigh in amongst his comments, but I got a little long-winded so I figured it was better written on my own blog instead of using Dave's bandwidth. A question was raised in his [...]

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Faulty Trackpad Sensor in PowerBook

April 18, 2006

I've had my computer back long enough now to reliably report that it's been successfully repaired. Yes, I can conclusively say that replacing the topcase (or is it top case) and logic board has fixed all remants of narcolepsy. It hasn't fallen asleep one single time since I got it back last weekend. For those [...]

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GoDaddy – Customer service done right

April 16, 2006

How many times have I complained, or read the complaints of others, related to various company's poor customer service? If you enjoy that kind of thing, move on. This time, I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge some web goodness. The back story is, I've used GoDaddy to purchase domain names for my clients [...]

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How to Use an MP3 as a Ringtone on a Nokia 6670 Phone

April 6, 2006

Out of all my friends, I was one of the very last to get a cell phone. Then, 2 years later, I was one of the last to upgrade (yes, at MAX two years ago, people laughed at my phone openly). Cell phones have always been, to me, a phone. They make and take calls. [...]

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