Colors and Color Blindness

by Stephanie Rewis on September 8, 2004

Are you sometimes at a loss when trying to come up with colors to go with a client's logo. Here's a fun color tool. Color Scheme Generator will help you choose everything from a monochromatic scheme to a triadic, analgous, or complementary. Be sure to click around on the “degrees” of the circle — you're not stuck with just the main colors shown.

And though there are many color scheme tools out there, this one has a couple interesting features. First, you can not only get the kind of color scheme you want, but you can also tone it down to pastels, contrast, pale, etc. Second, you can choose a variety of different types of color blindness. It can be interesting to see your color choices through their eyes. And since my father and son are both color blind, that is something I'm very aware of. Enjoy!

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