Open Source for Cold Fusion

by Stephanie Rewis on January 7, 2005

I hadn't been over to

lately and this morning I surfed in to check it out. It looks to be
shaping up quite nicely. For those of you that don't know about CFOpen
and are CF developers (or work with CF developers like I do), you
should check it out. I'll let them explain a little more:

is a collaborative software development environment designed to
facilitate the development of open source software for ColdFusion.
Using, distributed, volunteer teams of developers can
design, develop and test open source ColdFusion software easily using
built in source control, document management, task management, bug
tracking and discussion forums.

It is our belief that for a platform to be truly successful, it must
engender an active open-source community to provide opportunities for
developers to gain knowledge and experience and to provide benchmark
applications with which customized solutions can be built.”

So basically, they're taking ColdFusion into the open source,
collaborative realm. That's cool. For a list of currently open projects
– pre-alpha to mature — check this list out. It looks promising.

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