Width Bug on iDevices?

June 14, 2010

Today, I was “unfixing” a footer on a client’s site. One that, last year when we coded the website, they wanted fixed to the bottom of the browser viewport. But with the arrival of iDevices who “don’t do fixed positioning,” this footer placement is now being rethought. (As an aside, this makes me sad because just as [...]

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Some of my favorite HTML5 and CSS3 tools and info

June 1, 2010

http://w3viewer.com/ – The W3C spec (for LOTS of things) made simpler to read and navigate. HTML5  http://www.modernizr.com/ – One of my favorite tools. Modernizr tests, and then reports back what the user’s browser supports so you can write fallback CSS and JavaScript where needed. It also adds support in IE for most new HTML5 elements [...]

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Aria role attributes as selectors

May 15, 2010

A note for those at my HTML5 talk at #awdg today. I realized after I turning Skype off that I neglected to mention something important. Remember our discussion of ARIA roles? Perhaps some of you were thinking, “I don’t really care about accessibility—so what?”. Well, there’s another reason to use them. It has to do with styling [...]

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modernizr.js & ie-css3.js—together—or not

May 14, 2010

I gotta say, I love both these scripts. Modernizr helps me with feature detection as well as forcing Internet Explorer to see HTML5 elements so they can be styled. ie-css3.js allows me to use CSS3 pseudo-class selector emulation for Internet Explorer 5.5 – 8. They’re both extremely helpful for making HTML5 and CSS3 work in [...]

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HTML5 video and YouTube

May 13, 2010

A site I’m building is written in HTML5 (my idea so that we can take advantage of new features as they are available). It’s a very simple site. One of the requirements however is that the video embedded on one of the pages play in the iPad and iPhone. Currently, many of my clients prefer [...]

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Privacy Matters

May 3, 2010

There’s been much talk in the techworld recently about the privacy changes at Facebook (FB). I wrote a note on FB for my non-tech friends alerting them to the changes, as well as giving them the steps to take to check, and change, their privacy options. Yet I hear some on Twitter saying, “In this [...]

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Conferences – In this economy?

April 21, 2009

Hey, the economy sucks and everybody's scared. What better time to work on your education, up your web skills and earn a little extra job security? There are several upcoming conference opportunities I want to bring to your attention — as well as reasons you might want to do it at all. If you're smart [...]

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Font Sizing: em, pixel, point, percent and keywords

February 12, 2009

When I write and speak, I often talk about using em units to size layouts giving the user the ability to resize the entire layout if they change their font size. In fact, chapter 5 of the book I co-authored with Greg Rewis is an entire project based on em units. Until all browsers zoom, [...]

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Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 Released!

January 7, 2009

Though Greg Rewis and my updated book, Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4, was listed on most sites with a February 9th release date, it's available now online! Since we were so late with the last one, we thought being early with this one might make up for it. Well, that's not entirely true. I think [...]

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Adobe MAX – Upcoming!

November 13, 2008

Yes, I've been meaning to put this up for quite some time but my schedule of late has made it tough to get much blog writing done. Before Adobe MAX starts, while people are deciding on their sessions, I wanted to make a quick post with more info about my sessions and other MAX happenings. [...]

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