In the Aftermath of Adobe MAX

by Stephanie Rewis on November 8, 2006

It's been a full week since returning from Adobe's MAX conference and I think I've finally recovered. Adobe did a nice job taking it over and things were pretty similar to previous years. The venue was beautiful and the evening events were well done. I got to see lots of old friends and made a great deal of new ones. My only real complaint was doing all of my speaking on the final day. I hurriedly talked to a few of you while running from floor to floor, and I have your business cards. But usually I quickly write something on the cards to remember who's who. I didn't have time to do that — apologies if you asked me to contact you. Please email me a reminder. I couldn't keep up. :)

In my sessions, I promised to put my final MAX sessions up on my site (if you downloaded them from the Adobe attendee resource site, they're markedly different from what I presented). I finally got them online a couple days ago. Download my CSS Session files (as soon as I get my own site completed and changed, the additional demos will be available).

Also, if anyone has any pictures from MiniMAX, will you please email me? I haven't been able to locate any from that night yet.

Next year, if you get the chance, try to make it to a conference. They're well worth it — not only in how much you can learn, but also in the connections you can make. If MAX is too large and not your style, check out TODCon (it's not just about Dreamweaver).

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