CSS, AJAX, Mashups, Microformats, Standards and Broken Bones

by Stephanie Rewis on November 28, 2006

If you get the CMX newsletter, you may have read the blurb about the upcoming Web Directions North conference. This is the sister conference to the awesome Web Essentials/Web Directions conference that has happened down under for the past few years — the one that I've been so jealous not to be able to attend. If you felt the same way, now's your chance! Canada is a lot closer than Australia for many of us. :)

Here's the coolest part to me. Not only are the speakers world-class and the topics current to today's web, but you can ski! That's right — if you're a geek that loves the cold, white, powdery stuff, there are two days of speakers, and then, two optional days of skiing (or snow boarding, of course) at Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia. How close to heaven is that? Even if you've never skiied before, there are plenty of easy runs — and lessons. Don't be shy — we're geeks — we're supposed to make fools of ourselves. And anyway, no one will laugh — for long (except, perhaps, at my 15 year old ski outfit… heh).

I've got several conferences to go to this year, and South by Southwest (one I'm already registered for) is very close to these dates. Conference money can certainly get a bit tight and I don't want to have to make a choice. That's why, if you decide to register, I'd love it if you'd click my little affiliate link to the Web Directions North conference. Once you're on the home page, click the register link on the right side. The cookies will track your every move and there's a chance I can earn my way there. So come on — you know you wanna go! Let's go together (I do not, however, assume any responsibility for geek injuries that may occur as a result of clicking the above link)… ;)

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John Dowdell November 30, 2006 at 7:19 pm

uhhmm… you didn’t *actually* break any bones while fitting into that 15-year-old ski outfit, right, or was I misreading here…? ;-)

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