Podcast at Lodebearing

by Stephanie Rewis on March 20, 2006

Before I left for my two whirlwind trips, I was interviewed by the guys over at Lodestone Digital for their weekly geek podcast – Lodebearing. We talked about a variety of things including web standards. The only problem was, somehow, since we did the interview over Skype, I came out sounding like the digital chipmunk version of myself. Or perhaps like I was holding a few marbles in my mouth while I talked. (Yes, I've heard myself on audio before. No, it didn't sound like this. ;) )

It sounded so odd to me, I didn't link to it or tell anyone. OK — so I'm over it now. If you want to hear Digital Stephanie Marble Chipmunk, make your way over to my podcast interview for the entertainment. It's about halfway through the show.

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