Open Source and ColdFusion

by Stephanie Rewis on November 3, 2005

I've been slammed due to MAX (first getting ready for my sessions and then recovering from the lack of sleep and catching up on work after it). I have several things I'd like to post, but all in good time.

One thing I did want to make sure to help spread the news about is open source ColdFusion applications. I don't write CF code. But I find it very easy to understand and style around. I really love working with it. There are some great apps out there right now — and they're open source. The first time I encountered these was through a project some of my co-workers at CMX started working on, This site lets CF developers post their code and work on their apps with other developers. Pretty cool.

Now, Brian Rinaldi has created a list of Open Source CF Applications. Instead of starting from scratch, you may want to check out what's already been created and add to that instead. There's a great variety of cool apps, including — blogs, wikis, AJAX implementation and more. Long live ColdFusion!

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