Are You Eligible for a Free Studio Upgrade?

by Stephanie Rewis on September 25, 2005

I'm sure most everyone wants the new Studio 8. It rocks! But maybe you just recently broke down and purchased Studio MX 2004 (or any of the products contained therein) and you're just not ready to fork over more cash just yet. Well — maybe you don't have to. If you purchased on or after July 8th, make sure to read Macromedia's page with the upgrade rules. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Also, don't forget that if you own Dreamweaver, Fireworks or Flash, you can upgrade and get the whole Studio 8 package for the normal studio upgrade price ($399USD). That's quite a generous deal. Not sure you want to upgrade? Take the 30-day test drive — you may become addicted like I did and not be able to return to your previous versions.

(BTW, I make no money whether you upgrade or not. I just love the stuff. ;) )

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