New Orleans, MAX and Katrina

by Stephanie Rewis on August 28, 2005

I just wanted to give a shout out to my friends in New Orleans. Thanks for hosting us at MAX last year. It was fun. To my friend, Adam Bell, I hope you're safely in Houston by now. (And I hope the New Orleans User Group is safely evacuated.)

All that said, I'm a Florida girl. I lived in Baton Rouge, LA till I was three, and then to Jacksonville, FL until I was about 20. For about 9 or 10 years now, I've been back in beach country in Wilmington, NC. Yes, I'm definitely hurricane saavy. And so, I watch in horror as Katrina prepares to decimate the gulf coast. And at this point, I do mean decimate.

I've been talking to a friend on MSN and comparing links to information about/from the area. Interesting stuff. I hope we don't see a repeat of the hurricane parties that ended in devastation during Camille. I hope people were wise enough to leave… but watching the Weather Channel earlier tonight, I saw 20-somethings that seemed almost excited — "We're staying. We've never been in a hurricane before and we really don't know what to expect," the young couple said grinning. Oh my. I know what to expect.

If you'd like an idea, check out:

I'd love to think that they'll all get out of there, Katrina will drop to a level three before hitting, and we'll all live happily ever after. Time will tell.

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Chris Charlton September 23, 2005 at 2:09 pm

I just saw Adam Bell last night at LAFX/LS MMUG Studio 8 demo (with Greg Rewis), and he was in one piece. :)

If I remember right, he’s staying in L.A. for a good while.

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