That Silly Musical Baton

by Stephanie Rewis on May 18, 2005

Well, I'm not much for personal blogging, but when Mark Wubben
passed me the musical baton, I simply had to play along. After all,
it's a quick and simple one and it's been awfully fun reading other
people's musical selections. So here are my answers to the meme.

Total Volume


Last CD Bought

I'm an iTunes queen, so I usually buy singles instead of CDs.
However, for Mother's Day, my boys got me Franz Ferdinand (the one with
the bonus disc) and I've been enjoying that.

Song Playing Right Now

Right now, it's “Lopsided” by At The Drive In. But when Mark's email came in, it was “Shopping for Blood” by Franz Ferdinand.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

This is difficult since I have a pretty big list in iTunes that is
usually set to random. And it depends on my mood. Why didn't they give
us space for at least ten?

  • Gravity – The Dresden Dolls
  • Drive – Melissa Ferrick
  • Street Spirt (Fade Out) – Radiohead
  • Turn Up Turn OnCareen
  • Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat

Five People to Whom I?m Passing the Baton

Ohhh… they're probably gonna kill me, but I'm passing it to:

Robert Hoekman
Scott Fegette

Dan Mode
Gordon Mackay

Bill Horvath

I hope none of you now have two batons. Leave me a note and let me know where yours is. New musical ideas always welcome. ;)

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Gordon M May 18, 2005 at 7:25 pm

Hehe, it should be fun… Thanks Stephanie :D

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