sIFR 2.0 RC4 is Available for Download

by Stephanie Rewis on March 3, 2005

It's good for search engines and it's good for accessible beauty. If you're bored with the same old fonts, be sure to give sIFR a whirl. Mike Industries has released Release Candidate 4 — it's getting closer to final all the time due to Mark Wubben's (yes, he's about 18) tireless work on tweaking the javascript. This time, they've disabled IE Mac (since it's so quirky) and given instructions on reenabling if you desire. There's better transparency and selector support in this version as well. They've also given us access to some cool add-ons like, preference manager and rollback (for style switchers). More info is available in The sIFR wiki. The wiki has lots of other good info, so use it or the new forums to stay apprised of the newest info.

So hurry over and download sIFR today. :)

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