Google and Geico…

by Stephanie Rewis on December 20, 2004

In case you haven't yet heard, in the latest “sue the search engine” saga, a judge has ruled that Google is not at fault in allowing AdWords customers to bid on trademarked terms. The jury is still out on whether those same terms can be used in text ads, and if they are wrongly used, whether the advertiser or Google is liable. You can read about it in the Seattle Times.

At the same time the litigation was brought against Google, Overture (a Yahoo! subsidiary) was also sued. Overture decide to settle out of court. Thank goodness Google didn't. What precedent would that have set?

So what will this do for your clients? Will any of them benefit or be hurt by the ruling? If you manage AdWords campaigns, will you be changing their structure? Read more about it in The Unofficial Yahoo! Weblog.

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