sIFR — the Release Candidate

by Stephanie Rewis on October 7, 2004

I just noticed that Mike and Mark have a release candidate of the
sIFR technique (pronounced “siffer”). Can't wait to put it up on a
couple sites. I think I'll put it here on the blog for you guys to see
over the weekend (if I can find some extra time. :)

The technique grew out of Shaun Inman's IFR technique which wasn't
scalable. You had to export the swf in the size you wanted it rendered
in. This technique is scalable and dynamic. Shaun writes, 'IFR is just
an anagram of FIR, and pays homage to Fahrner Image Replacement. And
it's “Flash Replacement” instead of “Text Replacement” for the same
reason, to parallel FIR.'

Read their notes and download release candidate one. If you put it on a site, leave me a note and let me know how it works out for you.

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